Sunday, 23 December 2007

Ka’ du li’ røget sild vs. champorado? 0n a strange intersection of Danish and Philippine cultures

Danes of my and possibly other generations should remember this song, which was part of the repertoire for group spirit fostering and boredom reduction in summer camps in the 1960s:

Kadu li’ røget sild?
adu li’ røget sild?
a’ du li’ røget sild med chokoladesovs?
Det sm
ager vœldig godt - det’ godt
Det sm
ager vœldig godt -det’ godt
Det sm
ager vœldig godt med chokoladesovs

Briefly translated:
Do you like smoked herring?
Do you like smoked herring with chocolate-sauce?
It tastes really good
It tastes really good with chocolate-sauce

The point of this silly poetry was of course the repulsiveness and un-thinkability of the combination.

The limitations of my mother country’s culinary instincts were brought home to me, when visiting the home-land of Rafael, my Filipino partner in February 2007. While getting introduced to cacao and pili-nut trees and so many local products from these two species, I became acquainted with the champorado, a rice-porridge flavoured with unsweetened cocoa powder. In the Bicol Region, coconut milk is of course also an essential ingredient. A good breakfast champorado is served with dried anchovy or smoked fish, tina, on top. The provocative contrast between the gentle porridge and the tangy fish is brilliant, almost addictive.

Try it! In addition to the anti-oxidants it probably has excellent day-after properties.

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Liberty said...

Having lived in Scandinavia for some time, I realized how weather and a people's temperament can influence their culinary desires. Limited, if not boring, may be some descriptive words. That I think is where Filipino food, or any Asian food, can be exciting. It always has a special surprise, be it in taste, in appearance or in the olfaction. Heartfelt congratulations for a well-spent and blissful 2007! Make 2008 better!! Alles Gute.